Scott Teitler, “Casey Levens”

Scott Teitler, “Casey Levens”, Photo Shoot for JON Magazine, 2015

Born and raised in New York, Scott Teitler now calls South Florida his home. His interest in photography began when his father gave him an old Nikon SLR camera, and his quirky group of friends became his subjects. Scott further developed his talents at the University of Florida where he studied advertising in the College of Journalism, while also pursuing a minor in photography from the College of Fine Arts.

Within a short space of time Teitler’s work was featured in local publications and national and international work soon followed. His passion is for taking clean, simple photographs that show the subject in a comfortable and unguarded way.

Featured in a previous spread from JON Magazine back in 2015, Scott Teitler’s photo shoot ‘Rabbit In A Hat’ with model Casey Levens is inspired by a magician and his rabbit.

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