Ultrawolves: Donations of Support

Amy Lincoln, “Storm Clouds with Lightning”, 2021, Acrylic on Panel, 121.9 × 99.1 cm, Private Collection

As an artist, I have always had a life-long love for art, history, film and literature. I started this blog seven years ago in order to further explore my own interests and to share with others what I found. Over the years, it has gradually changed from a basically visual site to one more textual with links for further information and study. A typical article involves about six hours of work, from locating resources and images to writing and editing and then, lastly, graphic design. I made a commitment with my first posting that there would be no advertisements on this site. Aside from the annoyance factor of advertisements, I wanted a clean design look to the site, one close to the atmosphere of a museum or library.

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