Fred Hatt

Fred Hatt, Pastel Life Drawings

Born in 1958, Fred Hatt is an artist working in figurative drawing and painting, experimental video and photography, and performance. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Art in Film, he is a self-taught artist whose work includes great line drawings on charcoal paper done with oil pastels. Hatt’s work has been exhibited at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in New York City, the American Museum of Natural History, and the “Focus on the Figure” exhibition at the Edward Hopper House Art Center, among others.

“For me what is important is not conceptual or iconographic content, but process and practice. Drawing from life is the core practice for a multi-media career that crosses the boundaries between performance and visual arts, between traditional craft and contemporary technologies.Whether making a drawing, a video piece, a photograph or a performance, the focus is on the perception of energy and its expression through light and form.” -Fred Hatt

Images posted with thanks to the artist’s site:

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