The Turning Point

Photographer Unknown, (The Turning Point)

“Memories are made of peculiar stuff, elusive and yet compelling, powerful and fleet. You cannot trust your reminiscences, and yet there is no reality except the one we remember……”

–Klaus Mann, The Turning Point

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    1. I haven’t as yet read Sam Lansky’s memoir. Thomas Mann fathered six children in symmetrical pairs—girl-boy, boy-girl, girl-boy—between 1905 and 1919. His three oldest children—Erika, Klaus and Golo—were gay; Klaus and Michael, the youngest, committed suicide. Klaus enjoyed the advantages of his father’s culture, but found it difficult to free himself from his father and establish an independent identity. Thomas Mann had had homosexual affairs before marrying Katia Pringsheim, and afterwards still had powerful, though repressed, yearnings for young men.

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