Michael Murfin

Paintings by Michael Murfin

Born in 1954, Michael Murfin is a British contemporary painter naturally inclined to find evoking images of  both memory and culture in the everyday world. An early and important influence on his artistic development came from Dave Terry, head of his school’s art department, who emphasized the thoughtful and concentrated viewing of the subject to be painted or drawn. This foundational method played an essential role in Murfin’s later work.

Murfin attended Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, earning his BA in Fine Art, and earned his MA in Painting at Birmingham Polytechnic. After leaving college, he worked for a time as a builder’s merchant laborer and sawmill assistant, while continuing to produce a series of drawings and paintings. These were exhibited in 1981 at the Summer Exhibition, presented by the Serpentine Gallery, in Kensington Gardens. After an exhibition at the Imperial College in London, Murfin’s work received regular showings at the Piccadilly Gallery throughout the 1980s and 1990s. 

Michael Murfin’s work has shown in many local exhibitions, including the 2003 “Full Circle” at the St. Neots Museum, the 2010 “Mixed Exhibitin” ath the Sheridan Russell Gallery in London, and, between 2005 and 2018, four shows at the Yarrow Gallery in Northamptonshire where he has been Artist in Residence.His work has also been exhibited at the International Art Fairs in London, Basel, and Cologne. Most recently, his work has been supported by the Woodbine Contemporary Arts with locations in Spalding and Uppingham. 

Michael Murfin’s work can be found at : http://www.michaelmurfinartist.com

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