Saturnino Herrán Guinchard

Paintings by Saturnino Herrán

Mexican painter Saturnino Herrán Guinchard began studying drawing and painting with José Ines Tovilla and Severo Amador. He later studied with teachers Julio Ruelas, Fabres Antonio Catalan, Leandro Izaguirre and Germán Gedovious.

Herrán’s work is mainly inspired by pre-Columbian Mexico, with its folk customs and the lifestyles of its people. His figures have been associated with the traditions of Spanish art, particularly Catalan Modernism, along with the work of Velazquez and Josa de Rivera, The works of Saturnino Herran include the paintings: “Labor and Work”, “Mill and Marketers”, and “Legend of the Volcanos”. Herrán also painted the “Creole” Series and the triptych “Our Ancient Gods”.

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