Takahiro Kimura

Takahiro Kimura, Titles Unknown, 2000, Paint and Collage on Canvas

Born in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Tokyo in 1965, Takahiro Kimura is a Japanese animator, illustrator, and character designer. He studied painting and graphic design at Salesian Polytechnic. Kimura later studied drawing, landscape painting and fashion design at Setsu Mode Seminar. While experimenting with collages and combining paint and photographs, he produced illustrations for books and advertisements. 

Kimura’s work focuses on the human face. His collages are formed by arranging different segments of facial photographs and applying overlays of paint. With this distortion process,  Kimura attempts to expose the human spirit in his figurative work. He has also produced several collage animations, a short film, and an art book entitled “Risky Dolls

Several of Takahiro Kimura’s animation films, as well as collages and paintings, can be found on http://www.faceful.jp/distinations/movie/

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