Jean-Noël Lavesvre

Sculptures of Jean-Noël Lavesvre

Jean-Noël Lavesvre is a French painter and sculptor who is living and working in Paris. He began his career as a set designer and costume designer in 1984 at the Opéra de Marseille with La Traviata. Lavesvre designed the atmospheric sets for the Canadian Opera Company’s 2012/2013 season presentation of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Il Trovatore”. 

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  1. A FB friend of mine commented when another friend posted a photo of a sculpture by Jean-Noël Lavesvre that it was one of few sculptures depicting chest hair. I was trying to find out if Jean-Noël Lavesvre might have much chest hair himself when i discovered google offering ultrawolvesunderthefullmoon as source. Nice. Thanks!

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