Enrique Toribio

Enrique Toribio, Title Unknown

Enrique Toribio is a photographer from Madrid, Spain. Since the mid-1980s, he has worked in design and patterns in couture costume collaborations in the theater. He was also, at that time, a designer for cabaret and dance, both classical and Spanish and also for movie productions.

Since 2000 Toribio’s artistic activity focused on the universe of the image. He had an exhibition of erotic drawings entitled “Eidolon” at Berkana in 2002. His inexhaustible curiosity led him to the world of photography. Since 2003 Toribio has worked intensely as photographer specializing in portrait and figure. He is very interested in the aesthetic treatment of facial and body expression and textures.

His work can be seen in the photobook “Turnon Tattoos” by Joris Buiks published in Berlin by Bruno Gmuender Publishers in April, 2011.

The artist’s site: https://etoribio.com

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