Tullio Crali

Tullio Crali, “Before the Parachute Opens (Prima che is Apra il Paracadute)”, 1939, Oil on Panel, Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Udine, Italy

Tullio Carli was an Italian artist associated with the Futurism movement. A self-taught painter, he was a late adherent to Futurism, not joining until 1929 at the age of nineteen. He is noted for realistic paintings that combine speed, aerial mechanization and the mechanics of aerial warfare. In 1928, he flew for the first time nad his experience as a pilot infuenced his later art.

In 1959 he published the first post-war Futurist manifesto “Sassintesi (Stone Syntheses)”, advocating a new form of expression using natural materials: stone, pebbles, and rocks formed of various minerals- “producing a harmonious compostion that relied much on the stones’ natural sybiosis with the cosmos.”

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