Manuel Estheim

Photography by Manuel Estheim

Manuel Estheim is an artist based in Austria. Each photo in his body of work is a riveting surprise.  It is impossible to look at his imagery and appreciate it only on the surface.  It draws you in deeper to a more emotional and abstract layer of subconscious thoughts. Capturing and strengthening one’s own voice is amongst the most difficult things to accomplish for an artist of any discipline.  Manuel Estheim’s photography is a visual representation of what it means to tell dozens of completely individual stories while maintaining a voice that is uniquely one’s own.

At the same time, each of his photographs are so universal and provide us with narrow glimpses into the depths of the human condition. Common in Manuel’s work is a nature setting and the dark woods paint the allegory for man’s search for meaning.  His use of nudity in dark environments boils the subject down to a primal level, a shape identifiable simply as mankind.

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