Hermann Lismann

Hermann Lismann, “Badende Knaben (Nude Boys Bathing)” 1920

Born in 1878, Hermann Lismann was a lecturer in the art of painting and Art Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt. He studied in Rome and Paris in 1904 and belonged to a group of artists who met regularly at the Cafe du Dome in Paris. Because of his being Jewish, he was banned from teaching by the Nazi’s in 1934 and fled to France.
Lismann’s post-impressionist works at the Staedelsches Museum in Frankfurt and at the Museum Wuppertal  were confiscated and ultimately disappeared. In 1943 he was arrested by French authorities and deported to the Concentration Camp Majdanck where he died in 1943. A memorial by the Frankfurt Kunstuerein was held in 1959 and surprisingly, some 132 examples of his works went on exhibition.

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