Emien Etting

Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings by Emien Etting

Emlen Etting, born in Philadelphis in August of 1905, was a painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and member of Philadelphia’s elite Main Line Society. He attended schools in Lausanne, Switzerland, and St. George’s in Newport, Rhode Island. After graduating from Harvard in 1928, Eating  studied in Paris with the artist Andre Lhote who taught his students to reduce their subjects into lines and shapes. Emlen remained influenced by Lhote, his teacher and mentor, for the rest of his life.

Paris at that time was a student’s world. It was filled with myriad forms of art, philosophy, and all the passionate discussions that would accompany it. Etting frequented the most exclusive art shows and enjoyed the avant-garde films screened in Paris Studio 28. It was in this artistic crucible that Emlen Etting mingled with the most influential artists of the day

Emien Etting’s figurative paintings and drawings depict the loneliness of modernity and the extravagance of nature. He illustrated works by Paul Valéry and Franz Kafka, among others. Etting’s two films, the 1932 “Poem 8” and “Oramunde” filmed in 1933, are considered milestones of poetic filmmaking.

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