Jack Cowan

Jack Cowan, “The Ascent”,. 2006, Oil on Linen;. 78.7 x 73.7 cm, Private Collection

Born in Florida in 1962, Jack D. Cowan is an American Realist artist whose work is known for a broad range of subjects, which include still lifes, landscapes, figurative work, and commissioned portraits. His work has been influenced by the compositional style of fashion industry’s promotions and the works of master painters such as Manet, Vermeer and Degas. 

Cowan has shown his work at exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. In addition to his frequent shows at Indianapolis’s Hoosier Gallery, his work has been exhibited at the Indiana State Museum in 1990 and at the 1993 Chicago Art Exposition. 

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  1. Enjoyed the site. Have a Jack Cowan from an early show in Hot Springs, AR in the 1990’s. Have been trying to find him for several years to see where he shows if he is still painting. So far no luck. Any information would be appreciated.

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