A Note from Michael Stokes

A Not from Michael Stokes

I appreciate all the love and support through this challenging time. I am not an activist, I am a photographer. It was not my choice to fight a battle of freedom of speech and expression on my Facebook photography page, but certain hate groups have singled me out. Their harassment continues, and I have still not heard from Facebook.

When I was banned last week, Alex Minsky immediately put up his photo in a show of support. Alex and I have been through this before when Facebook “accidentally” removed his photo several times in 2013 – on the far left. Christopher van Etten texted me asking if I needed anything, and BT Urruela tweeted the photo – on the far right. I will never know what it is like to be a soldier who sacrificed for his country, but you three have given me a glimpse of the tenacity, camaraderie and loyalty soldiers must feel for each other while serving.

—Michael Stokes

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