Maurice Heerdink

Paintings and Drawings by Maurice Heerdink

Born in 1955 in The Hague, Maurice Heerdink is a Dutch painter known mostly for his subtle painted photo-realistic male nude art. After graduating in 1981 from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands, he traveled extensively through north and middle America. Heerdink illustrated books and magazines from 1989 to 2000, writing and publishing short stories of his own.

Heerdink developed a modern Caravaggio-style during the 1990s, emphasizing drama and lighting in his paintings. Focusing on mythology, he painted a series of figurative scenes, receiving a first prixe in 1999 at the “The Jesus Mystery” exhibition for his painting “The Return of the New Messiah”. A documentary of his life and art, “The Playful Eroticism of Maurice Heerdink” was shown on MVS Gay TV Amsterdam in 1998.


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