Anton Kolig

Figurative Paintings by Anton Kolig

Anton Kolig, an important artist in Austria during the 1900s, spent considerable time with Sebastian Isepp, Franz Wiegele and Anton Mahringer in Nötsch in Carinthia. They formed an Austrian artistic movement within the first half of the 20th century called the “Nötscher Kreis (Circle of Nötsch)”. This movement with its strong Expressionist style decisively shaped the artwork in Austria .

Anton Kolig did many male nudes as well as still lifes and portraits. He preferred monumental paintings and admired Michelangelo, Hans von Marées and Lovis Corinth. Some of his paintings are reflections of his personal religious sense.

During a bombardment in in 1944 two-thirds of his works were destroyed. Anton Kolig is represented in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere, in the Military History Museum and in the Leopold Collection as well as in the Collection Essl and in the Art Gallery of Carinthia.

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