Brian Biedul

Paintings by Brian Biedul

Brian Biedul was born in Colorado Springs in 1955. He soon thereafter moved to Europe with his family, where he spent the better part of his youth. While living in Paris he studied art under the instruction of Siegfried Hahn. Later, after returning to the United States and settling in Los Angeles, he received his BFA from Art Center College of Design.

Biedul is currently developing a series entitled “Spaces.” This series seeks to articulate what the artist calls “theoretical architecture.” It consists of three phases – Rectangles, Squares and Cubes. In the first two phases, Biedul uses the traditional medium of oil on canvas, conveying to the viewer the structure, dimension and tension of the theoetical 3-dimensional space. To assist in communicating these interconnected properties, Biedul uses a universally understood quantity – the human figure.

The third phase – Cubes – is to be a series of large-scale sculpted bronze cubes.  The Cubes will further the artist’s concept by similarly employing the human figure to depict space inside set perameters. Biedul hopes to begin the Cubes in early 2008.

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