Shane Wolf

The Artwork of Shane Wolf

Born in 1976 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Shane Wolf, after receiving his BA in design in 2000, joined Salomon SAS in Annecy, France, as a graphic designer. In 2004 Wolf embarked on a 16-month trip around the world, keeping a drawing journal of his travels, which led him to Florence, birth place of the Italian Renaissance.

From 2005 to 2009, Wolf began passionately studying art at the Angel Academy of Art located in Florence. He explored the fundamental drawing and painting techniques used by the Old Masters since the Renaissance. Wolf received his Diploma of Excellence and achieved a teacher position at the Angel Academy which specializes in classic, realist painting.

In 2010, Wolf relocated to Paris where he now lives and works, driven by a vital desire to draw and share the ideals which the human form inspires in him. He won numerous prizes in the following six years and participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Wolf’s talent has attracted the keen interest of collectors and museums that acquire and follow his evolving art.

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