Alisa Holen

Alisa Holen, Untitled, (Rice Bowls)

Alisa Holen is a ceramic artist and educator in Evansville, Indiana. She is Assistant Chair of the Department of Art and an assistant Professor of Ceramics at the University of Southern Indiana.

Holen holds a Bachelor of Art degree from Ausberg College, a Master’s degree in ceramics and a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture with a ceramic emphasis from the University of Iowa. She is active as a presenter in the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference and is involved in many local arts activities including founding Empty Bowls Evansville.

Apple Halves

Photographer Unknown, Pair of Apple Halves

“Every summer we strung the old hammock between two hearty apple trees that tempered summer’s humidity with the thick shade that they poured on those that lingered beneath them. And I would swing for hours, listlessly adrift in the quiet refuge that they afforded me. And yet, while I slept wrapped in the solace of their sanctuary they were busy fashioning sweeping canopies full of apples of the sweetest sort. And in my busyness, had I not paused under their canopies all I would see are the apples that fed by body, but I would have missed the solace that fed my soul.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin Poster

Mr William Grant with his seven sons and two daughhters built their family distillery in Scotland. In 1860 the Bennet Still used by the distillery was made by coppersmiths in London. Although few of these Bennet Stills are produced, they yield a spirit that is robust and flavorful. The John Dore and Company manufactured a Carter-Head Still for Hendrick’s in 1948 with a vapor-driven flavor basket atop a long neck, yeilding a subtle and delicate spirit. This type of still is quite rare today; only a few are known to exist.

Hendrick’s Gin has a rather unusual website which includes videos on the distilling process as well as the story of Horatio, the distilling pig. Enjoy. The Hendrick’s Gin website is: