Jack Delano


Jack Delano, “All Alive”, 1941, Rutland State Fair Series

The first Rutland State Fair in Vermont took place in 1846, making this one of the oldest state fairs in the United States. The fair became popular enough that, in 1849, the Rutland Railroad began putting extra cars on their trains to bring people from all over Vermont and Western New York to visit. After moving around Rutland County for a few years, the Rutland Fair gradually relocated closer to Rutland City. The fair , officially renamed the “Vermont State Fair” in 1972, is held annually on South Main Street in Rutland, at the area known as the Rutland County Park.

In 1941, Farm Security Administration photographer Jack Delano documented the festivities at the fair in Rutland. This photo of the carnival barker is one from that series.


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