Michael Sansky

Michael Sansky, “Study for Giants and Dwarves VI”, 1998-2000, Collage, Oil and Plastic Objects on Carved Wood, Private Collection

Writing about the exhibition “Land Mine” at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, art curator Jessica Hough wrote:

“In the kinetic sculpture from the series Giants and Dwarfs, Zansky manipulates scale using a series of large lenses positioned around a rotating carved wooden object. The object, which has been carved from plywood, looks like driftwood, a desiccated animal carcass, or a meteor – morph the viewer’s perspective so that the object continues to shape-shift. It is large and small; organic and celestial. Zansky’s sculpture, along with all of the work in “Land Mine”, reminds us that truth must be mined and that human history easily eludes us.”

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