Hang Massive, “The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon”

Hang Massive, “The Secret Kissing of the Sun and the Moon”, 2018, The first single from the Album “Luminous Emptiness”

The founding members of Hang Massive are Danny Cudd from the UK and Markus Offbeat from Sweden. Both seasoned global travellers they met on the shores of Goa, India where for many years they had passed the winter months. From India they travelled back to Europe and this is where they began to play music together, initially in the streets and then increasingly performing live at venues and festivals world wide.

Their first official collaboration release was in 2013 with Bristol based producer Bleeker and saw the resonant tones of the hang fused with high quality UK style house production resulting in an awesome four track EP. This was followed in 2014 by the release of their second live album “As It Is” which demonstrated a much evolved playing style, more developed compositions and a significant increase in production quality. 2015 saw the release of two more collaborative projects of very differing styles.

The EP “Many Rivers Ensemble” featured a small group of musicians with a range of acoustical instruments, who in one improvised recording session sculpted a beautiful and other worldly listening experience. The following EP “Marine Migration” was the first release from the new collaboration with Glastonbury based producer J Rokka and featured a breaks style single which was subsequently remixed by a range of well known artists such as Gaudi and Atomic drop.

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