Armeen Musa, “Bhromor Koiyo Giya”

Armeen Musa, “Bhromor Koiyo Giya”, Featuring Fuad Al Muqtadir from the Album “Re-Evolution”, 2003

Armeen Musa is a singer-songwriter from Bangladesh, with rising fame in the Bangladesh Music Community. Her remake of Radha Raman’s “Bhromor Koio” in collaboration with Fuad Al-muqtadir brought the spotlight on this artist in 2005. Armeen Musa is the daughter of famed Nazrul singer Dr Nashid Kamal, and the great-granddaughter of folk legend Abbasuddin Ahmed.

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Armeen Musa has trained formally under Sujit Mustafa. Armeen’s musical journey as a performer started with her cover band “Enshrined” in 2000, which slowly led to performing originals at various venues in Dhaka. She formed the band “Armeen Musa and The Grasshoppers” with fellow musicians Adil, Bart and Amit with whom she recorded her debut album. After moving to Nottingham, UK in 2004 she has collaborated with various artists in the United Kingdom including Kishon Khan’s “Lokkhi Terra” project.

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