Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, “Romulus’ Victory Over Acron”, Detail, 1812, Oil on Canvas, Amphithéatre d’Honneur, Paris, France

Completed in 1812, Jean Auguste Ingres’ source for this subject comes from Plutarch’s “Life of Romulus”. The painting depicts the war that resulted from the Roman abduction of the young Sabine women in an effort to remedy the shortage of women in the newly founded city of Rome. In retaliation Acron, the king of the neighbouring tribe, the Caeninenses, declared war upon the Romans. Aaron and his tribesmen are mercilessly defeated and their city is sacked by the Romans.

This neoclassical painting of Jean Ingres is one of his largest, cast in the form of a long frieze, a style traditional of the ancient world. Ingres used tempera to evoke the matte quality which is consistent with the ancient Roman frescoes.

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