Victor Fota

Victor Fota, “Conflicting Metaphysics”, Date Unknown, Oil on Canvas

Victor Fota is a visual artist from Romania whose surreal paintings are inspired by science theories and facts. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts High School in Bucharest. He has a bachelor and masters degree in Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Faculty of Art History and Theory.

During his studies, Fota has been continuously confronted by the structure of works of art, constructed at different scales. He studied mural painting techniques, panel painting techniques on wood and canvas, and also painted furniture. This lead to a better understanding of how works of art have survived in the passage of time, and what made them resist. This profound study of the materials that form the works of art led him to domains of physics and chemistry.

The traditional 15th century Flemish oil painting technique seemed to fit best with Fota’s artistic concepts. The use of transparent coloured layers was the best technical method that could enhance the final message of the subjects of his paintings. These combine science facts and theories but are illustrated with a twist, using his personal, artistic perception of reality.

“The concept is based on the objective or rational observation of reality which is distorted by our senses and personal understanding in a subjective way, the result being the world we know.” -Victor Fota

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