Segundo De Chomon, “Le Grenouille”: Film History Series

Segundo De Chomon, “La Grenouille (The Frog)”, 1908, Pathé Films

“La Grenouille” is a short early silent film that was released in France in 1908.  It was created and directed by Segundo De Chomon. The story follows a magical frog and a young woman whom upon climbing unto a fountain rock initiates a series of spectacles.  It was a rather unusual film for the era; it employed film illusion techniques used only by a few directors at that time of early filmmaking .

Segundo Víctor Aurelio Chomón y Ruiz was born on October,17 in 1871, He  was a pioneering Spanish film director who produced many short films in France while working for Pathé Frères. De Chamon has been compared to Georges Méliès, due to his frequent camera tricks and optical illusions.

The soundtrack is contemporary, not the original score.

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