Mark Eliyahu, “Journey”

Mark Eliyahu, “Journey”

Mark Eliyahu: Kamanche;   Eldad Zitrin: Piano

Mark Eliyahu was born to a well-known family of musicians in Dagastan. His father, Piris Eliyahu, is a world renowned Tar master, composer and arranger and musicologist. At the age of four,  Mark Eliyahu began violin studies and at sixteen travelled to Greece to study Baglama and Greek-Turkish music with master Ross Daly. This was followed by two years in Azerbaijan of Kamanche and Persian-Azeric music studies with master Adalat Vazirov.

In 2001, the Mark Eliyahu Ensemble started extensive global touring to raving reviews continuing until this very date with performances at the Pompidou Center, City De-La Music, the Zorolu PSM; tours included festivals like Colors Of Ostrova , the Paris Jazz, the Helsinki Festival, Gibraltar World, the Israel Festival, Ankara World, the Jerusalem Season of Culture and many others.

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