Class Comics: Lawsuit and T-Boy

Class Comics, “The Adventures of Lawsuit and T-Boy”, Issue No. 1

Class Comics is a publisher which issues several series of gay erotic comic books of high quality art, captivating characters, and exciting stories. Owned and operated by Canadian illustrator Patrick Fillion and writer Robert Fraser, Class Comics has been publishing their erotic comic books since 2000. In addition to the publishing of their own titles, the company has expanded their comic and art book collections to the French and German audiences through the European publishers Bruno Gmunder and H&O Editions.

Its titles include: Guardians of the Cube, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Camili-Cat, Naked Justice, Rapture, Deimos, Porky, “Rainbow Country” and The Pornomicon. Artists published by the company include French Logan and Max, and Spanish Ismael Alvarez.

Class Comics’ website is located at:


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