Brian Henry

Thr Photography of Brian Henry

Brian Henry, who resides in Baltimore, Maryland, is a self-taught experimental art photographer. He has traveled extensively up and down the east coast of the United States, as well as Europe, working on his photographic journal. His work documents architectual decay and the nature of fear, freedom and mortality. Henry uses the medium of photography and the placing self-portraits among the scenes to connect the viewer to the beauty of the forlorn locations.

Brian Henry uses analog processes, shooting Polarooid film and, in the darkroom, adding effects of distress and decay to compliment the subject. In some instances, he has used photographic paper and film found in abandoned buildings. Other times, Henry buried his images in decaying buildings for the effects produced. These techniques are used in his attempts to connect to a space and create memontos of irreplaceable time.

“There is something meaningful in creating something tangible within a space that will soon be destroyed, or with someone that will eventually be gone.” – Brian Henry

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