Forest Swords, “The Weight of Gold”

Forest Swords, “The Weight of Gold” featuring dancer Billy Barry

Acclaimed French choreographer and filmmaker Benjamin Millipied directs American dancer Billy Barry in Forest Sword’s haunting track “The Weight of Gold”.

“I first saw Billy Barry perform at Juilliard four years ago, I thought, ‘Who is this creature?’ Billy’s quality as a dancer is so otherworldly, I immediately knew I wanted to create a portrait of him. The sense of solitude depicted in the film reflects just how different he is as an artist.” – Benjamin Millipied

The chance to direct today’s music video for British artist Forest Swords’ haunting track “The Weight of Gold” presented an intriguing opportunity for Millepied, who was seduced after being inspired by Israel’s Dead Sea area’s landscape, including the Judean desert and Nebi Musa site that is dedicated to Moses.

“We arrived at a beautiful location and I just let the music and the desert move me instead of forcing it, I listened to the music a lot before the shoot and on the day we just went with what happened naturally.” – Billy Barry, a dancer with Tel Aviv’s prestigious Batsheva Ensemble

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