Carlo Maria Maiani

Carlo Maria Maiani, “Allegoria Profetica”, 1982, Acrylic on Canvas

Carlo Maria Mariani is a conceptual artist who uses painting as his medium. In the 1970s, Mariani gained international reknown by starting a movement known as conceptual painting—paintings painted with technical brillance and inspired by art history.

The modern context of Mariani’s work represents a dialogue between the history of art (from classical to 21st-century sources: Medusa’s head, Calder’s mobiles, Duchampian imagery), allegories, dreams, and everyday life, to become the artist’s personal iconography.

In 1998, Mariani was the recipient of the prestigious Italian Antonio Feltrinelli Prize for lifetime achievement in painting. He has represented Italy three times in the Venice Biennale, with figurative works of timeless beauty and witty sophistication. Mariani continues to receive widespread attention both nationally and abroad.

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