Walk the Dog


“Dame mit Hund (Walk the Dog)”, from Talking Animals on Vimeo

Directed and animated by Sonia Rohleder.
A woman walks her dog in the park, where she meets a man she would have liked to avoid.

  • Sounddesign: Michal Krajczok
  • Animation: Sonia Rohleder and Veronica Solomon
  • Voices: Ivan Baio, Alberto Picciau, Francesca Pili, Ivana Mescalchin

Talking Animals is a collective in Germany of award-winning professionals in animation and sound design/music, united as Talking Animals since 2009. They make short films, music videos, animated documentaries, animation for advertisement, explanatory movies. Their styles range from artistic 3D, over cutout and 2D drawn animation to analogue stop motion under the camera. Their site address is http://talkinganimals.de.

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