Anna Reivilä

Sculpture / Photography by Anna Reivilä

“In Japanese religious ceremonies, ropes and ties symbolise the connections among people and the divine, as a means to identify sacred space and time”, Anna Reivilä, a graduate from Aalto University, Finland, explains.

With the ‘Bond’ series, Reivilä bridges the gap between Scandinavian nature and Japanese rituals. Inspired by Nobuyoshi Araki’s images, the nature of bondage and a mix of raw violence and beauty, her photographs study the relationship between man and nature. “The Japanese word for bondage, kinbaku, literally means ‘the beauty of tight binding’. It is a delicate balance between being held together and being on the verge of breaking”, she adds.

According to her gallerist, Reivilä chooses spaces where nature’s elements, once combined, reveal natural tensions; she then creates a new form of dialogue by extending, wrapping and pulling these indigenous forms. From these existing components, she projects a new sense of volume.

“Using ropes as lines is my form of drawing. The lines create interactions; connect the elements. I’m interested how the volume of any given site can be stretched by the use of several simple lines. More, these three-dimensional drawings are physically unstable: they exist only for the moment. Photographing them gives them another dimension in time,” says Reivilä.

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