Wenzel Hablik

Wenzel Hablik, “Gewitter an der Stör”, 1910, Oil on Canvas

Wenzel August Hablik was a graphic artist, painter architect, designer and craftsman associated with the German Expressionism movement. He was trained as a master cabinetmaker in Vienna and Prague; however, when he settled in Itzehoe he pursued architectual and interior design projects. He produced designs for furniture, textiles, jewelry and wallpapers.

He is best known for his etchings and paintings and his links with the major German Expressionist movements and figures, including the Arbeitsrat fur Kunst and The Glass Chain. In 1909 he published his “Schaffende Kräfte” (Creative Forces), a portfolio of twenty etchings of crystaline structures.  His visual art is known for its highly imaginative aspects.

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