Rick Bartow

Paintings by Rick Bartow

Richard Elmer “Rick” Bartow was a Vietnam Veteran, a life-long musician and song-writer, a widower, an enrolled member of the Wiyot Indians, and is considered one of the most important leaders in contemporary Native American art. His art was subject of over 100 solo exhibitions at museums and galleries, including the retrospective “Things You Know But Can Not Explain”, organized by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at University of Oregon, and accompanied with a fully illustrated monograph.

He created pastel, graphite and mixed media drawings, wood sculpture, acrylic paintings, drypoint etchings, monotypes and a small number of ceramic works.  His passion was working in the studio and engaging with peers in the ancient and current worlds of self expression. As influences, Bartow cited Marc Chagall, Francis Bacon, Odilon Redon and Horst Janssen.in addition to his Native American heritage and his work with the Māori. These artists also worked in the style of expressionism with human and animal forms in their art.

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