Brett Reichman

The Artwork of Brett Reichman

Brett Reichman is an Associate Professor at the San Francsco Art Institute where he teaches in both the graduate and undergraduate programs. Born in Pittsburgh PA, he has lived and worked in San Francisco since 1984. His work came to fruition in the late 1980s out of cultural activism that addressed the AIDS epidemic and gay identity politics and was curated into early exhibitions that acknowledged those formative issues.

Reichman’s inquiry into the politics of gay culture critiques political correctness and cultural assimilation, however the approach to realism is never simply reproductive. He separates the concept of Realism from Naturalism within a discourse that views popular culture as anxious, obsessed with artificiality and unnatural beauty. His pictures take lubricious fantasy to the point of ridicule, without losing completely a quotient of psychological truth. Often, his works include that of which he collects: mid-century modern furniture and dinnerware. The aesthetics of these mid-century items are often present in his representations of non-normative contemporary gay domestic space.

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