Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos, “Self Portrait”, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2015

Cesar Santos is a contemporary Cuban-American artist and portrait painter. He is better known for his Syncretism, a term he coined in 2011 to describe paintings where he presents two or more art tendencies in aesthetic balance. He has completed numerous commissions and his work is held in private as well as public collections around the world.

In 2010 Santos moved to New York City, where he started working on Syncretism, which received critical acclaim and became one of his best known works. The collection includes several paintings in which he combined the iconic images of Pollock, Calder and Picasso among others. The body of work attempts to accommodate the foremost trends of the past six centuries.

Syncretism is a philosophical vision intending to reconcile different doctrines, a social mechanism that attenuates the confrontation between antagonistic tendencies competing for the same space.” -Cesar Santos

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