Ali Banisadr

Paintings by Ali Banisadr

Ali Banisadr is an Iranian artist who creates astonishing large-scale paintings using his ability to express synesthesia. Giving that synesthesia is commonly referred as the ability to see sound, Banisadr manages to transfer the sound he hears using many details, symbolic references and a special blending of color.

The sound he portrays is not just music, although the parts of his large works easily communicate with the audience and build a premium captivating relationship with the viewer. The sound particles are spread across the canvas inferencing the tragical noise of bombing he had to witness while growing up in Teheran.

The subjects of his paintings are small worlds, collided together in a broad universe of collective experience. Those worlds are inhabited by colorful figures struggling to find inner peace, facing chaotic consequences of war, but still communicating with each other, sharing experiences and helping each other to find a way of coping with unsustainability. The universal message is to find a way to establish methods of hopeful existence, while the circumstances are questioning the faith in humanity.

Titles from Top to Bottom: “Fravashi”,2013; “The Lesser Lights”, 2014: “Foreign Lands”, 2015. All paintings are Oil on Linen.

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