Masako Kano

Masako Kano, “Cacti and Stars” , 2015 National Geographic Winner

Masako Kano is a poet and photographer. Born into a traditional Japanese family, upon finishing her Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature at Oberlin University, Tokyo, Masako left both her country and an arranged marriage at the age of 21. She then completed her Master of Arts at Hofstra University, New York. In the summer of 1980 she met writer Richard Brautigan while on an exchange program at Colorado University. Mr. Brautigan made a strong impact on the style of her poems.

In 1988 she moved to London where she worked for twelve years as Director of Capital Markets for Swiss Bank Corporation and NatWest. In Europe Masako discovered her passion for contemporary photography and began to study the discipline at Christie’s. In 2000 Masako moved with her family to Argentina, where her English husband was pursuing his career and where she would immediately fall in love with the cultural and artistic diversity of Buenos Aires. She continued her studies in photography with Diego Ortíz Mugica and Professor Piroska Csúri in Argentina, returning to New York City in 2013 to attend the International Center of Photography.

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