Glass Animals, “Hazey”

Glass Animals, “Hazey” from the Album “ZABBA”, 2014

The video for “Hazey” is every bit as impressive as the earlier work from Glass Animals; artistic, great vibes shot for shot with high quality and accompanied perfectly by the music. This music video in particular features the incredible talents of the Solitary Crew; a London-based dance collective performing a unique style of street dance known as “bone breaking.” The movements and impressive choreography depicted in the video give credence to that choice of title for the style.

Commenting on the dancers’ technique, Glass Animals’ Dave Bayley said:

“Every day these dancers put themselves through torturous stretches and contortion exercises using ropes and towels to make themselves more flexible and their movements more fluid. They isolate themselves and focus on slowly building their craft, with a long term goal of being able to add another dance-move to their catalogue, and a longer term goal of stitching those moves together into something cool and beautiful. It all requires a huge amount of dedication and discipline. To me, ‘Hazey’ is about a parental character who has abandoned those values and eventually becomes wracked by regret. That character speaks in the choruses in the falsetto voice. The verses are spoken by that character’s child in full voice. This boy has matured quickly to pick up the pieces dropped by his parent. It was his attitude that I thought was summed up by the bone breakers.”

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