Jimmy Scott, “An Evening in Paradise”

“An Evening In Paradise”, the 1960 hit by the late male singer Jimmy Scott (aka Little Jimmy Scott) is blessed and highly favored by many of the music world.  His uniquely odd but very impressive countertenor vocals brought a swarm of attention which catapulted his music career.

Along with his striking voice, he also captivated many in his unusual stature as a young man, which ignited to shine even more of a spotlight upon him. He had  Kallmann syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that stagnated his height to 4 feet 11 inches. It wasn’t until the age of 37 that he grew another eight inches.

A great and distinctive voice. Most people do not know of him and his talent. Check out two of his other songs: “Day by Day” which was used in the soundtrack for the movie “Fences” and “Time After Time”. Great sounds.

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