David DiMichele

David DiMichele,” Pseudo Documentation”, Installation/ Photography Series

David DiMichele’s current body of work, Pseudo Documentation, is a series of large-scale photographs depicting grandiose installations in fantasy exhibition spaces. DiMichele creates this work by first building scale models of exhibition spaces, and producing original artworks in drawing, painting and sculpture mediums, which are sited in the spaces and then photographed to create the final works.

The Pseudo Documentation photographs are inspired by DiMichele’s background  as an installation artist, love of abstract forms and passion for monumental museum and gallery architecture.

Images from Top to Bottom: Hose Drawing, 2008;  Salt and Asphalt, 2007;  Pendulum Drawing, 2005;  Broken Glass, 2006:  Melting Ice, 2007;  Light Rods, 2008; Apollonian and Dionysian, 2009;  Holes, 2009.

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