Glenn Brady

Five Paintings by Glenn Brady

Born in 1966 in Brisbane, Australia, Glenn Brady grew up in a suburb of wooden houses,some on stilts to deal with the heat of the summer. By the age of sixteen, he had left both school and home. He started painting after a stay in a local phsychiatric hospital and has made painting his career. Brady has had thirteen solor shows in Brisbane and three solo shows in Melbourne. He won first prixe overall in the Gold Coast Show for his paintings at his first entry in a competition.

“I have never studied art and don’t really know much about it. .I just love to paint: and i paint what i see mainlym which to others mightn’t seem like much. But to me it’s all I’ve known……rows of houses and the very varied people who dwell in these suburbs, where each person’s home and life can be completely different to their neighbour who lives 15 feet away.”- Glenn Brady

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