Ray Harryhausen

Detailed Sketches by Ray Harryhausen

As one of the most highly acclaimed stop-motion animators of the pre-digital era, Ray Harryhausen worked on some all-time classic movies, including War of the Worlds, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, and the epic Clash of the Titans.

The creatures Ray animated would always steal the scenes from the human actors – he managed to make them gruesome but also emotive. To achieve this Ray would immerse himself in the movie project, creating rough sketches before drawing a scene and then preparing the sequence’s storyboards.

Only then would he construct the models and begin the task of animating the titanic battle that would ensue. Working in clay to create his models, Ray would then painstakingly design the creature’s moveable skeleton before covering the armature in latex and the days of animation could begin.

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