Helter Skelter

Photographer Unknown, Price’s Giant Helter Skelter

Price’s Great British Funfair was formed in 2010 by Arthur Price, a sixth generation showman based in Gloucestershire. A showman all his life, he travelled the world with all manner of rides and attractions, as well as supporting local events and fairs nearer to home.

Arthur Price felt the general public were not getting enough opportunities to have a traditional British funfair experience, provided by proper showpeople, in a professional manner. So he established the Great British Funfare, providing stand-alone funfairs, and supporting some of Britain’s biggest events with their rides and attractions.

The Helter Skelter is one of the original lighthouse slips in the British Isles. Rescued in 2006, it was reborn after months of  restoration work and is now in use by the many visitors of Price’s Great British Funfare. Additional information of the Funfare can be found at their site: http://www.greatbritishfunfair.co.uk



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