Ferras, “Speak in Tongues”

Ferras, “Speak in Tongues”

Jordanian-American Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Ferras grew up in a small town in Illinois where he never felt like he really fit in. After his parents divorced, his father kidnapped him and brought him to Jordan, where he began playing a Casio keyboard and began writing his own songs.

Ferras’ first album, “Aliens and Rainbows”, featured the song “Hollywood’s Not America,” which was used as the exit song for season seven of “American Idol”. He has since co-written several songs for artists including Adam Lambert and The Veronicas.

With his smooth, sweet voice and his incredible songwriting ability, Ferras is a talent to watch. And what does openly gay Ferras look for in a mate? “A sense of humor. And a great ass”.

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