Pierce Brown, “The Red Rising Trilogy”

“The Red Rising Trilogy” by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is a dystopian science-fiction novel trilogy written by Pierce Brown. As of current, it consists of Red Rising, Golden Son, both of which have already been released, and Morning Star, intended for release spring 2016. These are published by Del Rey books, an imprint of Random House.

The books take place at around 736 P.C.E (Post Conquering Era) in the Society.

Each book has a timeskip in between. The titles of each book pertain to the development of the main character, Darrow. Darrow was the Red rising, a part of the Rebellion. As he became more involved with Golds, and was part of House Augustus, he was a Gold. In the final book, he becomes a leader, just like the star sailors look at to point their way. The theme of the first book was revenge and justice. The second book was about trust. The last book was about hope and faith, and reveals two interpretations of Darrow: as a hero or a villain.

It has an official website at redrisingbook.com though sonsofares.com (coincidentally, the official fan club’s Twitter account hand is SonsofAres_) also redirects there.

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