Pavel Tchelitchew

Artwprk by Pavel Tchelitchew

Tchelitchev was an exponant of the Neo-Romantic movement, which included also the Berman brothers and Christian Bérard. This group, active in Paris during the 1920’s, drew their inspiration from Picasso’s ‘Blue’ and ‘Pink’ periods and the metaphysical paintings of de Chirico.

Throughout the 1920s, Tchelitchev was fascinated by the human face and portraiture played an important role in his work. Works completed during a ten year span 1929 – 1939, reflect the artist’s passion for the male form and his vision of uninhibited sexuality, living in a dream world, a dream, of fulfilment, where the body exists for beauty and has its purpose. The dreamscapes were an evocation of complex metaphysical perspectives and were powerful statements about sexuality.

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