The Temple of Dendur

The Temple of Dendur, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

The Temple of Dendur) is an Egyptian temple that was built by the Roman governor of Egypt, Petronius, around 15 BC and dedicated to Isis, Osiris, as well as two deified sons of a local Nubian chieftain, Pediese (“he whom Isis has given”) and Pihor (“he who belongs to Horus”). The temple was commissioned by Emperor Augustus of Rome.

The temple was dismantled and removed from its original location south of the town of Aswan) in 1963. This was accomplished as part of a wider UNESCO project, in order to save significant sites from being submerged by Lake Nasser, following construction of the Aswan High Dam. In recognition of the American assistance in saving various other monuments threatened by the dam’s construction, Egypt presented the temple and its gate as a gift to the United States of America.

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